How To | Declutter your Living Room

How To | Declutter your Living Room

At the top of most people's wish lists is a beautifully organised living room. This is the room where you relax, work, and play - so keeping on top of it is no easy task. But by doing so you can give your living room a completely new look, and have a super serene space to relax. Read on for our simple tips on achieving the perfect after-work hang out! 

Clear Surfaces

The first step to becoming clutter free is simple! Clear your surfaces. Last months magazines? Bin them. Your coffee mug? Get cleaning! That book pile that just keeps on growing? Pop them on the shelf. Make sure everything has it's own place, and if it doesn't, then make one. Dedicate a drawer in your sideboard or coffee table for the items that continue to create clutter. Or, invest in some new storage solutions - the stylish the better! Now is also the perfect time to decide on the things you no longer want - be ruthless and get donating. The key is to keep on top of things, and the more you do so, the less time it will take. 

Plump your Cushions

Plumping your cushions instantly provides that 'everything put together' vibe. It also helps your sofa feel much more comfortable, and looks neater too. Don't forget to fold up your blankets whilst you're at it - pop them neatly in a storage basket or cupboard. Choose your favourite and drape it over your sofa or chair - adding some colour and texture instantly creates an insta-worthy & zen space. 

Get Organised

Now that everything is in it's place, and the clutter is minimal - it's time get organised. DVD covers empty? Find and fix. Coin tray overflowing? Tidy it up! Arrange all of your trinkets nicely together and stack up your favourite coffee table books and magazine. Basically, just give everything a bit of a tidy (you might as well get the duster out while you're at it) Keep your space minimal, but don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. (the tidy version!)

Switch it Up

Another way to reduce clutter is to give your living room a bit of a reshuffle. Perhaps the coffee table is no longer central? New prints waiting to be hung up? Now is the time! Bring in your plants and make them a feature; experiment with different heights and textures. A new and improved display is all the inspiration you need to keep your favourite room calm and clutter free.

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