Weighted Blankets | What Are They?

Weighted Blankets | What Are They?
The trendiest way to help poor sleepers get a great night's rest, the weighted blanket was originally created for medical use, mostly used by occupational therapists to help comfort restless individuals. It's now become more mainstream though, and a popular way for insomniacs, anxiety-sufferers and bad sleepers to get a good night's rest.
What is a Weighted Blanket?
Self-explanatory - a weighted blanket is just the same as a regular blanket or duvet, except they have non-toxic glass beads stitched inside to give them added weight; the more beads there are inside, the heavier the blanket will be.
 Ours are made from a soft cotton material in a grey finish and features grid like stitching, which is important for keeping the beads in place. 
There's also the option to purchase a separate blanket cover that's made from a soft velvet material. These are great because you can pop them in the wash, change colours as you update your decor and, they make an extra cosy layer during winter too.
What are the benefits? 
The idea behind weighted blankets is to create deep pressure, or deep touch stimulation; so this would be similar to the pressure or stimulation that you feel when you receive a hug from a loved one. That feeling of comfort and warmth releases feel-good endorphins such as serotonin (they key hormone that stabilises your mood, feelings of well-being and happiness) which in turn, then decreases the nervous system activity and gives us a warm feeling of mindfulness and relaxation; exactly what is needed for a deep and restful night's sleep.
This means that the weighted blanket has the potential too:
Lessen Anxiety
It's been suggested by that studies that a potential way to reduce anxiety is to lay down; so pair this with the deep pressure stimulation, and you're onto a winner. 
Improve Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
The serotonin endorphin is key here, it's essentially the relaxation hormone, and when released, or activated - it helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep for longer and helps you feel more rested when you wake up in the morning. 
Relieve Pain
The weight of the blanket helps to 'ground' the body, by pushing it downwards during sleep. This grounding sensation is shown to help improve the cortisol level, a hormone which helps your body respond to stress and fight infections. 
There have also been some studies that suggest using a weighted blanket was beneficial for reducing restlessness in both children and adults with Autism or ADHD.
What size should I choose? 
For optimal weight distribution we suggest one blanket per person, and as a guide, you should aim for around 7-12% of your body weight, with 10% being the ideal goal. So for example, if you weigh between 80-90kg, we would suggest a weighted blanket of 9kg.
 The Bottom Line. 
Ultimately, the weighted blanket has too many benefits to ignore; it provides a calming, soothing effect that helps you fall asleep quicker at night, and leaves you more rested in the morning; it's essentially what we've all been looking for the entire time! Tried and tested ourselves, we couldn't imagine going back to the regular duvet now, it helped us stay asleep for longer at night, and even still, the novelty of bed time with our new blanket, hasn't worn off. 

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